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Dear Ridge Energy,

I would be remiss if I didn’t notify you to share with you our experience this morning with your Advisor, who you had directed to oversee the environmental assessment on our home.

I don’t ever recall having the privilege of being in the company of someone in this field whose knowledge base is as extensive and insightful on so many levels. At no point during the assessment was there a question he could not answer in detail, however more importantly, in layman’s language. His professionalism, his respectful disposition not to mention how thoughtful and mindful he was as he moved through our home was something that both my husband and I really appreciated.

Over the years we have dealt with several individuals in this field and contracting as a whole. Your Advisor has effortlessly raised the bar to a level that is no longer practiced. Upon the completion of the assessment we had gained far more insight then we had imagined we would through the process.

I have lost faith in many individuals over the years who deem themselves to be professional especially in the area of contracting, and I use that term loosely, however I was delighted to have that belief system rocked today by your Advisor so much so that it prompted the enclosed letter to you.

Look after him, he’s a keeper.

With thanks,