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About Us

What we do


Energy Audits

Ridge Energy Consultants Inc is licensed to deliver residential energy assessments to owners of single family homes across Canada. Under various Provincial and local programs, property owners can qualify for grants and rebates by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, and reducing their home’s impact on the environment.


How the Program Works

To participate and be eligible for grants and rebates, you must hire a registered Energy Advisor to perform an Energy Audit before and after any retrofits you make on your home. The Energy Advisor will process all of the paperwork for you. You will receive a report and label after the first audit and a new label after the second audit.


Energy Evaluations and Labels

The Government of Canada encourages homeowners to have an energy evaluation done to identify improvements, and receive an EnerGuide rating label.


Energy Loss out of HOme


Home and Commercial Inspections

We have partnered with The Home Inspectors Group to offer Home and Commercial Inspections as well as indoor air quality testing and other services.

The Principal, Steve Ramoul has this to say:

The Home Inspectors Group – “Who We Are and Qualifications”

  • We are a family run business.
  • Our experience stems from the Construction, Electrical, Energy, Hotel and Home Services Industry.
  • All of our Home Inspectors are certified from a reputable College with a Home Inspection Certification.
  • Each Home Inspector is certified on the Ontario Building Code Home Health and Safety Code and the Structural Code.
  • We are Registered Energy Auditors

Who we are

Ridge Energy Consultants Inc is owned by Philip Ridge and was started in 2002 as a Residential Energy Auditing company. Since 2002 we have grown to over  180 Advisors in 3 Provinces. We have performed more than 150,000 audits.

Philip Ridge had a Telecommunication background for 30 years and more recently, a building products testing background.  Mr. Ridge was previously General Manager of Bodycote Testing Group as well as Operations Manager for ETL, Edison Test Labs.

Mr. Ridge has been interviewed on the Radio and has had many articles published.

Our Energy Advisors are comprehensively trained with consistent quality checks and continuous update training. They have the latest digital test equipment supplied by Retrotec Inc.

Why did we get into this business?

Our passion is to make the world a better place, our skills revolve around building design so it was a natural progress to help homeowners improve the efficiency of their homes, lower their bills and at the same time use less energy and lessen the impact on our planet.